About project

The project „(Un)secure on the network“ in a nutshell

Since March 1, 2019, we have been working at the Center for the Support of Non-formal Education (CeNef, SR) together with Digital Intelligence (digiQ, SR) and the Association for International Affairs, z.s. (AMO, Czech Republic) on a joint project (Un)secure on the network. This grouping of partners with different approaches but similar goals gives a precondition for the creation of quality and innovative outputs.

Why did we decide to go to such a project?

The project reflects on the current needs that today, society, but also the labor market requires. We are aware that in today’s dynamic times, basic knowledge and attitudes from schools are not enough to gain a foothold in the labor market, stay in a competitive environment, but also build values ​​and attitudes. At the same time, we perceive the advantages, but also the pitfalls, that are associated with the development of technologies and the use of information and communication technologies.

During our business meetings and activities, we realized that topics such as critical thinking, media literacy, and preventing the spread of hate speech online are very current, important, and not given enough attention.

The aim of the project is to support awareness of topics such as critical thinking, media literacy, digital citizenship, safe use of the Internet through intellectual outputs and the use of non-formal education methods, and thus contribute to the development of competencies in these areas.

What do we want to achieve during the project?

During the project, several intellectual outputs and events will be created for young people, youth leaders, youth workers, but also for others who are interested in this topic. The project is designed to create quality outputs, verified among the target group, which will use them and support their dissemination among potential users.

Intellectual outputs of the project:

  1. interactive web application – an interactive portal for the development of critical thinking and media literacy, which, in addition to information on this topic will be used to develop critical thinking, support argumentation and search for relevant sources and information on the topics addressed
  2. Educational Guide – A guide to developing critical thinking, media literacy and how to work safely online. The handbook will also contain information on how to work with these topics using non-formal learning methods and techniques.


Other project activities:

Multiplier and educational activities will be implemented in Slovakia and the Czech Republic to disseminate the results, verify the outputs in practice and collect suggestions.

What else should this project bring?

– Raising awareness on critical thinking, media literacy and safe use of the Internet and how to work with these topics

– creating space for cross-sectoral cooperation for the development of critical thinking and media literacy

– creation of a comprehensive tool for informing about the topic and developing critical thinking and media literacy in the online environment (interactive web application + publication)

– promoting quality youth work through non-formal education in project topics, thus developing young people’s key skills.


Project name: (Un)secure on the network

Date of implementation:1.3.2019 – 28.2.2022

Place of implementation: Slovak Republic and Czech Republic