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(Un)secure on the Network Project Website

Part of the project (Un)secure on the Network is to create an e-learning tool – a web application to develop critical thinking skills.

The app allows lecturers and teachers to open new topics, which they want to discuss and solve with their students. The platform will also enable lecturers to follow up students’/app users’ access to the topic, their observations and sources of inspiration.

During dealing with the topic, app users get additional information and notes that are relevant for the problem that is being solved. Teachers or youth workers also get methodological recommendation which activities from our publication is suitable for the subject matter.

This tool will not be for single use to learn only about one topic. Users may use it regularly to learn about a variety of topics (perhaps also with the attitude of critical thinking and media literate person).


The web application is available at:


Basic information about application can be found in the infolist: Info APP EN